The Devil Drives

The Devil Drives

Book Cover: The Devil Drives
Tipo de Edição:Capa mole
ISBN: 9780907871231
Nº. Páginas: 480

Fawn McKay Brodie (Author)


Richard Burton’s life offers dazzling riches. He was one of the greatest Victorian explorers, an innovative translator and brilliant linguist, a prolific travel writer, a pioneer in the fields of anthropology and sexual psychology, a mesmeric lover, a spy and a publisher of erotica.

Fawn Brodie has created a vivid portrait of this remarkable man, who emerges from the richly textured fabric of his time. His travels to Mecca and Medina dressed as a Muslim pilgrim, his witnessing of the human sacrifices at Dahomey and his unlikely but loving partnership with his pious Catholic bride are all treated with warmth, scholarship and understanding. (

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