Goa, and the Blue Mountains : Or, Six Months of Sick Leave

Goa, and the Blue Mountains : Or, Six Months of Sick Leave

Book Cover: Goa, and the Blue Mountains : Or, Six Months of Sick Leave
Tipo de Edição:Capa mole
ISBN: 9781589760387
Nº. Páginas: 264

Richard F. Burton (Author)


As a British army officer in India, Burton contracted cholera, and he was sent to the Nilgiri hills to recuperate. Rather than proceed directly there however, he took a leisurely journey down the Indian coast, for he wanted to experience the "exotic East". (Burton later translated the Kama Sutra and produced an extremely naughty version of the Arabian Nights.) He is drawn to the town of Seroda, for instance, by the promise in English periodicals of "a village, inhabited by beautiful Bayaderes...Eastern Amazons...high caste maidens...equally enchanting to novelty-hunters and excitement-mongers..." Reality of course proves much different, and Burton reacts with the bitterness of a disappointed lover: he finds that "the ladies all smoke, chew betel-nut, drink wine and spirits..." and that "a stranger soon learns everything is done to fleece him..."


Burton's strength lies in his ability to reveal the consequences to India of not only colonial rule, but also centuries of domination by a variety of religious attitudes. The British come under his piercing scrutiny as do the Portuguese, Hindus, Moslems and others. Intolerant? Yes, but also razor sharp.

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